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About Us

Coed Cariad Learning Community is a nature based, child-centred learning community where children are able to direct their own learning primarily through play and collaborative projects. Democratically run, everyone collaborates equally to create a nurturing space where children are free to learn and grow in their own time.

Coed Cariad is a part time project for home educated and flexi-schooling children aged 4 to 13.  

We are a non-profit CIC run by a volunteer core group of parents and paid professional Facilitators.

We are registered with CIW as a childcare provider.  We are not a school.

We open 2 days a week from 9 am to 3:30 pm and we follow Carmarthenshire County Council term dates.

Click here for Carmarthenshire County Council Term Dates webpage

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a learning community based on the joy of learning and discovery. A place where each child is nurtured and encouraged to become their best self. We aim to create a learning space where children and parents feel heard and nourished within a rich community environment.

We will strive to provide an environment where the facilitators can hold a space for children, providing experience and resources to meet the children's needs. A space where children are accepted just as they are and where they feel happy and free to be themselves.

Children will be free to play and develop a connection with nature and so the physical space will be mostly based outside with warm and safe indoor retreats. There will be time for quiet contemplation with no pressure to be object or results driven, with space for wild play, adventure and exploration and making mess. With love, the facilitators will trust each child to find their own way whilst standing alongside them so that they are able to shine their brightest and develop their own individual sense of purpose and passion.

The happiness of all is of primary importance for this is what we know will facilitate the best learning. We are equal, children and adults, different in our roles and responsibilities but nonetheless equal in our influence to shape our community. We will nurture a culture of respect for ourselves, practicing empathy, compromise, cooperation and decision making.

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