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Autumn Adventures

Back together after a strange Spring and Summer in Lockdown, we are so excited to see faces old and new. As always, it is such a privilege to be able to spend time with our young people.

We have had such a busy half term making up for all the time missed. We thought it would be fun to make a list of all of the activities we have had going on..... so here goes!

We have been making dens, putting up a ninja line, crafting, playing babies and doctors, bird watching, drawing, making wall hangings and spinning tops and little people!! Creating a tuff tray water splash park, making blackberry pancakes, cars and vehicles play.... and investigating snails!! Getting to know Mr and Mrs Acorn, making pinwheels, woven hangers, stick people and giant bubbles. Identifying what had eaten a fallen pear, making potions, playing trains, more den building, and trying to ping our friends off the other end of the curved board!


Going on a treasure hunt, finding a stash of bubbles in the woods, visiting Mr Toad (we want to build homes for him and Mr hedgehog who we have found evidence of in the garden!! And a bug hotel!). Starting our journal books, reading stories, building a variety of machines with stickle bricks and playing the fishing game, inventing game of sandstorm and getting really messy!


Music making, paper plane making, painting, storytelling, a woodland trek, a mud slide, stilts, rope swinging, rocket making, bridge building, spinning swings, island building, woodworking and crafts with leaves. Making a bird table, a bird feeder, starting mouse houses, more den building, improving another den, playing cars and dolls, learning new ninja line tricks, exploring mole tunnels and welcoming a robin and a shrew who visited the Welcome Shelter!!

Phew! So we are going to take a half term break and rest up to prepare for some winter-time adventures in November and December!

We post regular updates and photos of our adventures on facebook, instagram and twitter so please follow us, like us and share our stories!

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